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Introducing Myself.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Hey everyone!

Its been quite some time since I last wrote a blog post! Silly old me lost access to my old blog. But it is still available if you want to check it out - I started writing it 4 years ago!

I'm 24 years old (the big 25 this year!) and I have a severe to profound hearing loss. At the age of 7 years old, I was diagnosed with Bilateral Sensorneural Hearing Loss of a severe nature (which is basically a fancy way of saying, I have permanent hearing loss in both of my ears!) I wear two hearing aids and I am reliant on lip reading. I also unfortunately suffer from Tinnitus too, which is pretty much an annoying ringing in my ears!

I am an award winning Deaf Awareness Advocate. In 2015 I won the 'Passion in Action' volunteer award for Action On Hearing Loss (immensely proud!). I deliver Deaf Awareness presentations to different organisations from, universities to work places to rotary clubs. My presentations are adapted to suit my intended audience.

I have a British Sign Language Level 1 qualification and I am currently attending Level 2 classes! My career ambitions are to work with young Deaf people in mainstream education or providing support in some way for Deaf individuals.

I openly suffer from depression and anxiety unfortunately, but i hope to raise awareness of the mental health side of deafness which is something that I feel is not discussed enough today. Blogging to me is important because I really want to raise awareness of life from the perspective of a young individual with a deafness. I am very passionate about educating others about deafness and the emotional and social effects it can have on someone. Everything in this blog is true and based on my own personal experiences of living with a deafness. There will be good days and bad days, all views are my own and I promise to speak in complete honesty. It is vital that I am honest, because I want you all to understand how difficult life can be, as well as the positive aspects of my life (yes, my life does have good moments too!)

There is a lot of prejudice and misconceptions about people who are hearing impaired like myself. A pet hate of mine is how people assume that you must be old to have hearing aids, or if you have hearing aids at a young age, you must be "mentally impaired" because "hearing aids are for the elderly". I hope to change your perceptions of hearing impaired people through the writings in my blog. I would consider my deafness to be a 'hidden disability', over the years I have received many comments about my hearing impairment because of my appearance: "I never would have imagined you as a deaf individual, you look like a normal person!" or "you are too pretty to be deaf!" or "How can you be deaf if your speech is perfect?!" Just remember, the word 'deaf' does not mean a person cannot hear anything, there are varying degrees of deafness: mild, moderate, severe, profound etc. To clarify, I am dependent on my hearing aids and I cannot hear without them. They are practically my life line! I am reliant on lip reading also. I CAN hear with my hearing aids and my speech is perfectly normal (this comment has been made by hearing individuals!). I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find this useful in some way?!

Louise x

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