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Lipspeaker UK announce new service ‘LipsLive’.

From 1st June 2021, award winning service, Lipspeaker UK, will be introducing a new service ‘LipsLive’. This will be the first on demand Lipspeaking service in the UK. Lipspeaker UK, is currently Britain’s only specialist provider of Lipspeakers. British multinational telecommunications company, BT Group, state that 8.4 million British deaf people are unable to make calls independently to businesses, due inaccessibility. This means that businesses are missing out on potential customers, due to inaccessible services. 89% of the deaf community are now asking for businesses to be more accessible.

Disabled people are known to have “enormous spending power with the ‘Purple Pound’ estimated to be worth £249 billion pounds annually” Lesley states. The ‘Purple Pound’ can be explained as, the spending power of disabled people and their relatives. A dedicated button can be placed on business’ websites, which will allow deaf and hard of hearing customers to click on that button, which will then connect to a qualified Lipspeaker. The Lipspeaker will be available to assist them with on a call.

The service is also tailored to the needs of potential deaf customers, whose first language is British Sign Language, meaning, the Lipspeakers will also have a BSL qualification. This is to ensure that potential customer’s communication preferences are met. Lesley calls for more companies to sign up to this service, to ensure potential deaf customers can access the services provided.

You can find out more information about Lipspeaker UK below:



Text: 07866 252501

Phone: 02392 988845

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