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'Laughing To Deaf' Comedy Night!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

When I first heard that Action On Hearing Loss had organised a comedy night, I was overjoyed because I knew this meant that it would be an inclusive night that tailored the needs of those who suffer a hearing loss of different levels. I for one have never been to a comedy night. I have always enjoyed watching DVD’s that show the live shows – obviously these were subtitled! One that I used to watch when I was younger, was Lee Evans. I have never been able to attend a live comedy night obviously because I rely on lipreading and would need to be at least a few metres in front of the speaker in order to effectively lip read!

I missed out on getting tickets the first time round and expressed my sadness on AOHL’s twitter, but to my surprise, they had a few left over and put two tickets aside for me, to pay for on the night! The idea of attending a captioned comedy night never even crossed my mind. I never thought this day would ever come!

The night took place at the Comedy Store in London, on Monday 6th May. This was also the very first day of Deaf Awareness Week, so this was a fantastic way to kick start the week! Once me and Mum arrived, we made our way to the bar (don’t judge!), but on the way I bumped into the lovely Action On Hearing Loss volunteer team. They asked if I’d like to take a photograph holding a giant card donut for their campaign ‘Don’t Be a Donut Be Deaf Aware’.

I then got a drink with Mum at the bar and was watching people having their photos taken and reading some leaflets. Then started chatting to the lovely team again who approached me. Just as I was talking to someone, I noticed a familiar face who was waving at me… ‘Deafie Blogger’! (Ellie). I had to excuse myself from the conversation to go and speak to her as this was the very first time I had been able to speak to her in person! She then introduced me to her partner Dylan and her Mum, which was lovely. For quite some time all of us, plus my Mum all chatted. I was then discussing with my Mum how amazing it was that I had so much in common with Ellie!

The night was hosted by the lovely Samantha Baines (I LOVED your shoes!), who I discovered was one of the amazing ambassadors for the charity. Followed on was Angela Barnes, Eshaan Akbar (I absolutely cracked up at your opening GP line!), Ed Gamble, Russell Howard and finally John Bishop! As well as being captioned, the acts were interpreted by the wonderful Karl and Audrey, who I admired! On the break, I popped over to see Ellie and Dylan to see what they thought of the night, Ellie then introduced me to Scarlette Douglas who was lovely!

Once the night finished, I couldn’t resist asking one of the members of the AOHL team, if I could pop backstage and get a snap with John and Samantha! My boyfriend (who unfortunately could not attend) loves John Bishop, so I couldn’t resist asking if he would film a video on my phone wishing him Happy Birthday… thank you for that hilarious video John! My family and Dan LOVED it! I also got the chance to speak to Samantha who was lovely. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me!

Finally, I just want to thank Action On Hearing Loss for organising this night. I had always wanted to attend a comedy night, so this was a dream come true! Despite several faults with the captions on the screen (some were actually quite funny within themselves!), it was a great night! Mum and I really enjoyed ourselves. After trying to keep up with the super fast captions (well done to the palantypists for your hard work!) It’s safe to say I slept on the train, on the way home!

Ever since Monday, I have been ‘on a high’ since the fantastic night! I really hope there will be more captioned comedy nights in future!

Hope you all have been enjoying #DeafAwarenessWeek!

Louise x

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