Who am I and what are my goals?


I have experienced many barriers and successes in life so far and am very passionate about raising deaf awareness!

I'm an award winning blogger (Action On Hearing Loss, 2015) and Deaf Awareness Advocate. I proudly volunteer for Action On Hearing Loss as this amazing charity is very close to my heart. I am also on the waiting list to have a gorgeous Hearing Dog one day! 

Currently I am learning British Sign Language Level 2 which is really enjoyable!

I hope to be able to communicate more effectively with other hearing impaired individuals in both my personal life and as part of my career aspirations! My dream is to work with deaf individuals, providing them with support and advice as a career.

I strongly believe that deaf people are capable of anything in life with the correct support provisions in place. I have learnt this during the three years I spent studying for my degree.


I intend to actively raise deaf awareness to ensure that everyone are aware of their rights as a deaf individual and fight for these rights by educating others through my Deaf Awareness presentations and social media on both my personal Facebook and my Deaf Awareness Twitter page.

Don't be a stranger and drop me a message is you have any questions at all!

Love Louise x